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The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity in the Ramakrishna Movement essentially refers to the three spiritual personalities of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, his holy consort Sri Sri Sharada Devi who is also refered to as the Holy Mother and their outstanding disciple Swami Vivekananda. Embodiments of all Vedanta and the essence of Hinduism, this holy trinity lived their lives in our contemporary times in a way that is inspiring. Read more about some of their sayings.

Tales narrated by Sri Ramakrishna


Here we are bringing to you a tale as told by Sri Ramakrishna

Trinity Concept

Couple who lived for Sri Ramakrishna

It was 1882. Navagopal Ghosh of Bengal and his wife Nistarini had come for darsan of Sri Ramakrishna.

Fishermen catching fish

Sri Ramakrishna: Daily keep chanting God's name with devotion.

After three years....

Kite stealing fish

Sri Ramakrishna : Kishori, once you brought to me one Navagopal who treats the sick and the suffering freely. I must see him again.
Kishori : Sir, I shall certainly bring him.

Navagopal was happy to learn that even after such length of time Sri Ramakrishna had remembered him. Immediately he went and met Sri Ramakrishna with his family.

Oh! My fish

One day there was a discourse on Bhagavatha and also chanting of Sri Krishna's name in Navagopal's house. Sri Ramakrishna who participated in that function, suddenly went into ecstasy and danced in the spirit of Sri Krishna.

At once Navagopal garlanded Sri Ramakrishna and prayed to him devotedly.

crows following kite

Navagopal : Lord, please save me, why am I immersed in worldliness?
Sri Ramakrishna : If you are unable to do anything else, think of me atleast once in the day.

Sri Ramakrishna would graciously talk to Nistarini whose heart was pure.

following kite towards south

Sri Ramakrishna : Mother, why are you so devoted to me?
Nistarini : Lord, it is difficult to explain. I see in you that which made Prahlada and Dhruva, forget their parents.

Another day.... Sri Ramakrishna entrusted to Nistarini a cat and its kitten which had all taken refuge at his feet. He told her. 'These have taken refuge in me. Please look after them carefully.

following kite towards north

Sri Ramakrishna : May you do well in every way. May you get a vision of your chosen Ideal.

follwing in east and west also!

After a few years......One day while Nistarini was doing Japa she had the vision of Sri Rama.

kite drops the fish

When she was about to touch Sri Rama's feet, Sri Ramakrishna appeared before her.
Sri Ramakrishna merged in Sri Rama. Sri Ramakrishna used to say that after the chosen Ideal had been revealed the teacher would merge in the Ideal.

Kite feels trouble free now

When Nistarini was in the family way she had vowed that if a son was born to her, she would dedicate him to the service of Sri Ramakrishna.

Master, I am giving this child as an offering to you. Please accept him.

Kite feels trouble free now

Sri Ramakrishna : Ah! what a lovely child! Good, at the proper time I myself shall take him.

Kite feels trouble free now

Sri Ramakrishna : Later on that child became a monk of the Ramakrishna Order under the name Swami Ambikananda.
After Sri Ramakrishna's Maha Samadhi Navagopal would distribute sweets to all the children extolling Sri Ramakrishna.

Kite feels trouble free now

1898 February 6. Swami Vivekananda took part in the worship done to Sri Ramakrishna in Navagopal's house. He sang and danced. After the meditation he chanted and revealed Sri Ramakrishna's mantra 'Sthapakaya cha dharmasya'.

Kite feels trouble free now

Even in advanced age, Inspite of indifferent health, Nistarini would prepare and offer to Sri Ramakrishna the sweet 'Sandesh'. Finally, chanting Sri Ramakrishna's name she attained His Lotus feet.