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Bird of the Month

Common Iora

Name: Common Iora

Family: Aegithina tiphia

Local Names :

Hindi: Shaubeegi

Tamil/Telugu: Patsu-jitta / Sinna mampala-Kuruvi

Size : Sparrow.

Description: A black and yellow bird with the two white wing bars.

Nesting Season: May to September.

Nest : A compact cup of grasses, neatly and copiously plastered with cobwebs in a fork of twig. 2 to 4 mt. above the ground.

Eggs : 2 to 4. Pale pinky white, blotched with purplish brown.

Distribution: Along the Himalayas up to Arunachal Pradesh and the rest of India.

Habitat : Gardens in towns, grooves of trees in a village outskirts, secondry forest.

Bird Call: Sweet long drawn musical whistles and short chirrups. Click here.

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Common Iora
Feeding junior Iora


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