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An eco- theme park at Shivanahalli

Transformation of over 100 acres of scrubland into an evergreen forest, highlighted by:

  • Several Species of trees from the W.Ghats and tropical regions
  • Four large artificial lakes (kalyanis) interconnected to numerous jungle pools (gokattas) by natural and man-made channels
  • Intermixed rocky and evergreen vegetation
  • A haven for 160 identified bird species
  • 45 + unidentified species of spiders
  • Around 100 species of Butterflies and Moths including ATLAS MOTH among the largest in the world
  • 150 + trees and plant species including evergreen species
  • 100 + species of medicinal plants
  • 25 + amphibians and reptiles
  • And not to leave, even endangered animals like Slender Loris & Leopards

Satellite image of 2011 showing Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli and Sri Ramakrishna Vidya Kendra:

Satellite image of 2011 showing Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli and Sri Ramakrishna Vidya Kendra
  • Shivanahalli near RK Mission-view From 7000 ft in 2011
  • Greening of 100 acre area
  • Dry deciduous, moist deciduous, bamboo and tropical trees thrive in the green area
  • Dry and brown areas around indicate potential for initiatives in Eco-restoration

    Some of the Flora and Fauna of Shivanahalli:

    Balangi or Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius:

    A Giant of the Western Ghats in Shivanahalli
  • Upto 30 M height in the W. Ghats
  • Trunks up to 1 M diameter
  • Foliage used as fodder
  • Used by bees as forage
  • Stabilizes river banks and terraces
  • Native to India, Burma, China, SE Asia
  • Balangi flower


    Unique Bamboo from Burma in Shivanahalli:

    Unique Bamboo from Burma in Shivanahalli
  • Can grow up to 20 M height
  • Grows up to 1 ft per day in season
  • No thorns , unlike other species


    Flame of the Forest
  • Called the "Brahmavriksha"
  • Other names are Palash and Dhak
  • Widespread all over subcontinent
  • A medical marvel since leaves , flowers, gum, roots, bark are all useful in medical cures
  • Useful in treatment of respiratory, eye, skin, intestinal, digestive diseases and in treating tumours
  • Flaming red flowers in season
  • Flame of the Forest


    Andaman Papita:

  • Latin: Sterculia Companulata
  • A native of Andamans
  • Tall semi hard wood tree of the Andaman Islands
  • Used as semi hardwood timber
  • Growing well in semi arid climate of RK Mission under care has reached 15 M in 15 years after planting
  • Guest from the Andamans in Shivanahalli



    White Browed Bulbul:
    White Browed Bulbul
    Golden Oriole:
    Golden Oriole
    Asian Paradise Flycatcher:
    Asian Paradise Flycatcher
    Indian Treepie:
    Indian Treepie
    Red Wattled Lapwing:
    Common Drongo:
    Common Drongo
    White Throated Kingfisher:
    White Throated Kingfisher

    Slender Loris - An endangered species thriving in Shivanahalli

    Slender Loris


    Butterflies and Moths:

    Atlas Moth:
    Atlas Moth
    Chocolate Pansy:
    Chocolate Pansy
    Common Bluebottle:
    Common Bluebottle