Technical Co-operation for Service- Plantathon

It was a year back when Meera, Dhandapany later joined by Ramanath when searching for seeds and saplings landed up at Shivanahalli Mission. Credits to their incessant pursuation and motivating their team mates to take a sapling planting project at the Mission. True to that 120 employees from TCS, Bangalore arrived in 4 buses along with their Project Leads. Started off with an Chow Chow(known as concrete), all took to a walk after a short introduction into the relams of grandeur spawning an 80 acre Man Made forest created by the Mission. People were in a hurry as if some dealine is set. Their enthusiasm was not an effervescence, their enargy and way of work was mesmerizing to an extent that they could plant 1200 sapling from 10.30 to 2.30 non-stop. The team work was astounding. Many were reluctant to finish of the remaining (total 1600) sponsored, even as it was high time noon without lunch. A bunch of 10 people so called the Drivers’ community did 30% of the work alone. Their interest and energy was well appreciated.
Thanks to TCS for joining hands for a Greener Bangalore and Greener Bannerghatta(Asset of Bangalore)