Rural Development

Self-Help Groups

RK Mission has organized self help groups in the folowing villages totalling 22 in numbers with nearly 400 members - Annayanna Doddi, Ragihalli, Vivekanandapura, Koratagere Doddi, Moodalayanna Doddi, Shivanahalli and Jaipur Doddi. Recently Vijaya bank has given loan of Rs 4 - 5 lakhs each to many of groups on 13-03-201 (Sunday). All the Raghihalli groups jointly conducted a half-a-day spiritual retreat for the members.

Satsang at Ragihalli

To commemorate Centenary of the Visit of Holy Mother to Bangalore self help group of Ragihalli conducted a Satsanga. They had invited Sodari Chandrika and her party to conduct the retreat. They came with a special photo of Mother. The whole self help group women received Holy Mother in the form of photo offering flowers and Jaikara. Bhajans and Discourses from the life of Holy Mother were delivered in kannada. All the women listened with rapt attention. After the Mangalarathi, Holy Mother was taken in procession with flower offering and Jaikara to the outskirts of the village. After that, the villagers assembled again in a temple and conducted Bhajans again for more than 1 hour. All were given Prasada.

Help to Old People

  • Monthly help in the form ofessential food items to 28 old and disabled villagers
  • Expenditure per month - Rs.10,000
  • Village Development per year Rs.2,00,000/-