November 10th – Event Report

Event started as usual in the chilly morning which indicated the onset of 2013 winter. There were around 14 participants among which most of them were college students from st.Joseph’s and Mount carmel pursuing their Environmental Science. Shri Nagesh Hegde after his breakfast with his wife introduced himself and shared his experience in his career. Experience when he had journeyed to the first Earth summit held at Rio de Janeiro along with the then PM Shri PV.Narasimha Rao. The walk extended the whole morning session where the students were pin pointed as targets to instill the Love towards Mother Nature. His joy was inexplicable when he termed “appiko” movement in karnataka in those days similar to the chipko movement.

Noon session was the most mind boggling where in the topic in Green Event was transformed to “Green Economy”. Shri Nagesh Hegde along with Swamiji were tactful enough to lead and shape the discussion where in many aspects of our country was brought out in a Graphical manner in his presentation. To summarise we had in our pockets that the real culprit was “Demand”. He suggested many ideas including soap which he was practising in his home, how an individual can contribute to the Green Economy. Also an advise came from both Swamiji and himself that youth are bound to change the “Point of pride” for the posterity.

Two stories were remembered. First one is of a fox and second is of Buddha(later in evening)

Once there was fox. By accident its tail got amputated. All other foxes in the group started ridiculing it. Then the fox came up with an idea and went on the top of the hill and started howling. All other foxes gathered. They were astonished to see the behaviour. The tail cut fox was admiring imaginary description of nature. One of the fox couldn’t resist its curiosity and came to the tail cut fox to ask about the secret. “How is it that i am not seeing anything what you are describing?”. Then the tail cut fox took the fox aside and told to cut its tail to have that vision. Immediately the other fox also cut its tail and still it couldn’t see the description. Then the first tail cut fox told that simply follow me otherwise you are doomed….. This is what is happening not only related to Environment but every step of our life. We should develop our self esteem and withstand the criticism for a noble cause….

Second story is of a life lesson every one should embed in..

One of Buddha’s disciples goes to him and says that his robe was old and ragged and therefore he needed a new robe as he couldn’t withstand the cold. Buddha saw that the robe was indeed in tatters and so he gave him a new one. The next day Buddha went up to his disciple he was immersed in deep studying under a oil lamp. Buddha asked him what he did with his old robe. The disciple told him that he was using the robe in the kitchen as kitchen napkin. Buddha asked him what happened to the old kitchen napkin and the disciple told him that that cloth was being used to mop the floors and when asked what he did with the old mop the disciple told him “Master the wick that is being used to light our rooms is actually the strips of that discarded mop cloth”. Buddha was immensely happy with his disciple. Nothing wasted! Now that is what recycling is all about and you have people telling you recycling is a modern concept. Certainly we would have got frustrated answering the questions…. But this is what is enlightenment

The theme was that every individual should do their bit however small in his or her own way.