Healthcare of Forest watchers and their familes of BNP

Forest watchers (PW,PCP,APW) are the backbone of the Forest protection force in our country. They work 24/7 to protect the natural resources near to us.Due to constant exposure to weather and with little attention to their health, many of them are also susceptible to lifestyle diseases and chronic problems. As the call of duty many a times prevents them from tending to themselves, they seldom go to health centres to take care of their health issues. As most of the times they are in the field , they seldom take their family also to clinics. Another reason why the watchers or their families do not take time out to go to the health centres is that, they may loose a day’s wages.

Hence We decided to start the initiative of creating a network of doctors and hospitals, which can offer affordable treatment to the watchers and their immediate families. Before starting the project we planned to have a general health check to capture the health index of the watchers and their families.On 19th December, a general health check camp was held at Harohalli range of Bannerghatta National park. More than 120 members participated in the camp.The details were noted and a survey on the general routine of watchers was also conducted.Post the camp, those who need further treatment will be referred to specialists.