Green Event Of September 15th 2013 – REPORT

Green Event Of September 15th 2013
Event Theme : “Know The Wild Animals”
Project Kaanana initiative – Forest Under Construction monthly event was conducted successfully on 15th September 2013.

Dr. Arun Sha & his team from Wildlife SOS were invited to the event to educate participants on wild animals. Hence the event was named “Know The Wild Animals”. This is the 11th event in the series and over 117 participants had attended the event.

Event commenced with a breakfast and a quick introduction about Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli – it’s objectives, work in the past and goals going forward. Participants were then lead by Dr.Harish Bhat, Dr. Arun Sha & his team in the campus.

Dr.Arun sensitized the participants on pugmark identification, darting techniques for animal capture & field challenges. Emphasis was laid on authorized personnel to operate dart guns, standard operating procedures, dart material, drug quantity w.r.t animals in reference to the size & weight, dart safety, charging the dart, pressurizing the dart, usage procedure, drug discharge procedures, syringe cleaning, needle cleaning & disposal.

On a lighter note Dr. Arun explained the participants what they face when they are on animal rescue operation & how common public become experts & guide the operation team on best practices to be followed in darting, location & spot.

While the field activity was in progress a group of 35 participants from Environment management course 2013 batch from IISc led by Dr.TV Ramachandra Rao were undergoing classroom sessions on Environmental impact assessment case studies.

After the field education session it was time for field work! Participants were guided to project Kaanana – Forest under construction site & the participants picked up tools to loosen soil around the plants which were planted during earlier afforestation programs. Each participant chose their own plant to de-weed the area around it, loosen the soil and then make a bunk such that it can hold at least 2 big pots of water. This activity was carried out for one full hour and it was followed by replenishing lunch.

Post lunch session included a lecture by Dr. Arun on treatment of wild & rescued animals. Specific emphasis was laid on root canal analysis & Operation for animals. Dr. Arun also enlightened the participants on various animals, their habitat & key skills adopted for survival. Participants were stunned to learn that even we have venomous mammals! Short clippings of various animals narrated by Sir. David Attenborough were screened. Dr. Arun emphasised and spoke about “Bio-diversity” and explained why he loved that word so much! After the seminar session Dr. Arun was bombarded with series of questions to which he patiently addressed each and every one of them. Participants from school, professional field & teachers shared the feedback with the group.

Swamiji sensitized the group on Biodiversity conservation & its importance.

Dr.TV Ramachandra Rao addressed the group on role of youngsters in the field of conservation.

Inspiring words from Dr.Harish Bhat energized the participants to play a active role in the field of conservation by correlating the efforts to beehive.

Dr.Arun was able to motivate the crowd through his inspiring presentation and apt replies. This was possible because he shared his hard days field work with joy.

This event was financially sponsored by Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Meera Rajesh.

The event ended with a small felicitation ceremony of Dr.Arun Shah.