Green Ambassador -BGS NPS and Pratham International School

t was a Saturday when their tutors decided to visit Brahmananda Vana at Misson campus. They were the so called Green Ambassadors of the School eco club from BGS National Public School. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the kids. Vijay and Rudresh took them along, sharing their knowledge on plants. Kids themselves showed their curiosity and filled the walk with number of questions which seemed to comply with Einstein’s words “Imagination is better than knowledge”. Their enthusiasm was nurtured with nutritious food. It was exponential when they stepped inside the lab. “Can’t believe my eyes” one of them exclaimed, “Are they real” the other, “Can we touch it” and so on. It was mesmerising experience since it was the first time they literally touched with their hands the so called “fossils”. We have in our lab, fossils belonging to cretaceous period. They really couldn’t believe as they were extinct to the period before Dinosaurs were born. Collections of butterflies, beetles and snakes were an add on. Isn’t it an inexplicable feeling when we touch such lifeforms in our lifetime.

Kids from Pratham International School, Varthur also visited the man made forest. They were 100 in number including their teachers. Two groups were made and led by Shankara and Timmarayi fro the eco walk. They were provided breakfast and meal with a fruit. They seemed to enjoy a day well spent without classroom classes.