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Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli has embarked upon a gigantic task of enriching the environment by planting a variety of forest species of plants from western ghats and other forest region. Already 150+ acres of land has been converted to pure forest which stands as the evidence.

The aims of the huge task are:

1. Enrich the forest green cover and biodiversity in the Bannerghatta National Park area which is the eastern fringe of the Western Ghats which is recently added to World Heritage UNESCO list.

2. To create a huge Carbon sink to swallow the poison(CO2) emitted by ever growing industry.

3. A beautiful knowledge park for all to study, experience and share.

4. This will be a part of a micro eco-system of various kinds of the Western Ghats including a butterfly and moth park(unlike the existing ones),  an amphibian study place, a myrestica swamp, a laterite rock formation including myriads of plants, insects, reptiles, Birds etc.

The main purpose is to make all these available for studying by students(future gen) and interested youths who are concerned about developing love towards nature and enhance themselves.

The cost of planting each sapling including
procuring plants from various places in Karnataka
watering during the summer months for a minimum of 3 years is only a meagre amount of Rs.555/- which of course is nothing compared to our day to day expenses and the risk being taken by the Mission. We all know how the real estate mafia works, the above cost doesn’t include any land cost. All the saplings are planted only on revenue lands and not on any Government lands.

The cost per sapling works out to Rs. 555/-  The details are:

1.  Cost of pitting                                                                     Rs.   10.00

2.  Cost of sapling (all western ghat species only)               Rs.   70.00

3.  Cost of manuring six times — three years  6×25 Rs.       Rs. 150.00

4.  Stakes for the plants                                                         Rs.   9.00

5.  Weeding  four times  a year for 3 years Rs.5×12            Rs.   60.00

6.  Watering for three years from December to May

          6 months x 4xRs.3.5 x 3 years                                      Rs. 252.00

7.  Watchman                                                                        Rs.    4.00

Money can be donated in cash, cheque or transferred to Ashram’s account, the details of which you can find here:




The option of displaying the personal names for each plant is also open.

So if you do think that this holy venture is of the purest motive please come and join hands in an silent initiative which benefits all living beings.

Note: No saplings from outside will be allowed to plant in the premises

Swami Vishnumayananda


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