“Know Your Plants” – Project Kaanana Event Report

The monthly Forest Under Construction under the hood of Project Kaanana with the theme “Know Your Plants” was successfully carried out on 27th July 2013 at Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli campus. Around 60 participants turned out, of which, many belonged to young generation – the future hope of conservation!

The event commenced with breakfast followed by a quick introduction to the history of the place, it’s work so far and it’s objectives and mission in the future.

The experts who visited to impart their knowledge on the young generation this time were Prof. T. V. Ramachandra (IISc), Prof. Shankar Rao (IISc), Shri A. M. Annaiah (IFS, APCCF) and Dr. Harish Bhat (IISc). The team led the groups for an Eco-walk where the children and youth were taught about the plants, identification and taxonomy, its medicinal values and the importance of our green friends in the eco system. The kids, in particular, had tons of questions to the experts and the answers were reciprocated with equal enthusiasm from the teachers. The field walk and talk lasted for a good couple of hours, this was followed by lunch.

Post lunch session started with screening of the documentary “Gundia Hydel power project – A City & A Basin” by Kesari haravoo. This clearly explained how greedy humans get to meet the needs of population explosion! This was immediately followed by a talk on “Western Ghats conservation challenges” by Prof. T. V. Ramachandra. The participants where fascinated to know about the immense wealth of the western ghats, its flora and fauna along with the importance of the ghats to entire Deccan Plateau of India & hence the need to conserve it. In an effort to counter the human exploitation on eco-system, Mr. Prahallad C. R. took a session on alternate sources of “Power Generation”. Students and participants got to know a lot of alternatives of power generation which results in actions from how to avoid chopping of forest stretches and fragmenting them for huge dams to what every individual can do on their rooftops to address the issue. It was also interesting to note that the green energy harnessing could also be hazardous to ecosystem! Shri A. M. Annaiah sir shared his experiences and thoughts in the field of conservation. A debate was carried out based on the questions by the participants in which all of the experts were involved – the topic lead to “Conservation vs development”. The outcome of this healthy talk was to discourage any more development projects which would affect the eco-system where as to utilise and get the most out of already implemented projects. Of course! The young bright kids were told that it is their turn to carry the baton and it is upto them now to tackle the conservation issues with the guidance and knowledge of the elders.

The event concluded with a small felicitation of Prof. T. V. Ramachandra, Prof. Shankar Rao & Shri A. M. Annaiah.

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Picture courtesy – Members of Project Kaanana.