Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli

Summer Camp

Summer camp was organized in Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli in 2 batches. The first for higher primary and college going kids with a huge positive response and the second one (image attached) for primary school students. Students from many different villages had attained the Summer camp.


Hi friends, its time now that we brace a organization with our shoulders to keep up the good work going on. RKMission Shivanahalli has been serving in many fields since years and this would be our bit of chance to extend help towards the people who are already working in this cause.

Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli

Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli was started in Jan 1984. RKMission Shivanahalli has taken up many activities since then like Rural development, setting up Vidya Kendra, Chikitsa Kendra, Vocational training center etc etc. Many things have been done and many more have to be done! Come join hands in returning back favor to the society from which we have gained so much!