Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli

Inspiration forwarded

Inspired by Project Kaanana our friend Shivakumar Shreeshail has taken up similar activity back in is hometown Gadag. A bunch of friends have actively taken up responsibility to plant saplings and take care of them for a minimum of 3 years to mark the occasion of their friend’s wedding. Apparently the local forest department / a community has been delegated of the care taking task who have assured of nurturing the saplings.

Humble use of your earnings

It is yet another opportunity for us to sponsor a tree, or any number of trees. The tree will be named after you when it stands tall. You are always invited to inspect how your sapling / plant is doing 

 The procedure for donating towards “Project Kaanana” is given below:

MNC’s Community

Hey friends, most of the MNC’s has a department as per the rules of Indian government which looks out for activities such as community outreach. It would be of great help if software engineers like us approach such departments in respective companies to check if they still stand by their word! It is with the encouragement & support of different organizations and people that such a change in bigger scale is really possible. So please do cross check if you have any such references and contacts, invite them and you too visit to RKMission Shivanahalli.


Snake Snap

Yesterday a talk on “Snakes” & Importance of snakes in eco-system by Dhiraj Bhaisare was organized at Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli. Many kids turned out to be enthusiastic about the event, they attended, listened, asked questions and got their doubts and myths cleared regarding snakes and wildlife.

Thank you Dhiraj for all the work being done towards education & awareness.



The Quality Council of India’s Accreditation Board (also known as: NABET – National Accreditation Board of Education and Training: http://www.qcin.org/nabet/) has accredited Sri Ramakrishna Vidya Kendra based on an rigorous evaluation process performed by the team and have cited that the school fulfills all criteria required by QCI-NABET.


Project Kaanana

Project Kaanana update


Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli has embarked upon a gigantic task of enriching the environment by planting a variety of forest species of plants from western ghats and other forest region. Already 150+ acres of land has been converted to pure forest which stands as the evidence.

The aims of the huge task are:

1. Enrich the forest green cover and biodiversity in the Bannerghatta National Park area which is the eastern fringe of the Western Ghats which is recently added to World Heritage UNESCO list.

The Difference

“Once upon a time, due to strong tidal force lakhs of star fishes were been thrown to sea shore… One man(Lets call him as ‘MR Mercy’) was picking up one by one and throwing back to sea and was giving it a new Life…
One more guy(Lets call him as Mr. LetGo), came to Mercy and told him – “Do you think your effort is going to make a difference? See there are lakhs of them, can you give life to all of them? I think your efforts are all in-vain”…