Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli

“Nature Guide” – A Collaborative website + webserver to catalogue species

Hi Friends, Conservation has been one of the main motto of Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli. Taking a step forward, Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli now has come up with a Website + Web server which is specifically designed for entering data about snakes 

Website : http://www.indiansnakes.org/

Mobile app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indiansnakes

Registration for green event @ Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli on 24th November 2012

A green event is scheduled on Saturday 24th of November 2012 at R.K.Mission, Shivanahalli, Bannergatta. I have seen work by Swami Vishnumayanandaji’s practical conservation, planting native species saplings and making a natural habitat, habitat protection, lake rejuvenation and more