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Personal Accident Insurance scheme for the Forest Watchers of BNP under PM SBY Scheme

Last week 125 Forest watchers from 4 ranges of Bannerghatta National park were enrolled into PM’s Suraksha Bhima Yojana personal accident insurance scheme. Volunteers from Conserve & Preserve BNP along with officials of Vijaya bank covered all four ranges and did the registration. The program happened only because of the whole hearted support of DCF, Bannerghatta, Dr Sunil Panwar IFS and his team of Range officers. Our special thanks to United India Insurance and Vijaya bank for extending the coverage. The scheme covers 2 Lakhs personal insurance coverage.

Conserve and Preserve BNP – Jan 18th 2015

Dear Friends,

We all know that Bannerghatta National Park(BNP) is one of the Natural treasure houses that Bangalore has in its backyard. BNP is very essential for the sustenance of a city like Bangalore itself. Apart from that, BNP is one of the last remaining shrub forests in Asia that houses large mammals like Asiatic elephants to wide varieties of reptiles, Amphibians and Avian fauna. It is also termed as eastern fringe of the western ghats since its all the way connected to Western Ghat. Also BNP is home to varieties of Flora.

Indian Snakes iOS App

Indian Snakes is a field guide and educative material for learning about the Snakes of India. This application is developed by Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli and is powered by the data from India’s most authentic snake website: http://indiansnakes.org/.

Indian Snakes is a community based effort where experts contribute scientific data in the website while snake enthusiasts and learners can get the updated data right into their iOS devices.


Cisco has been consistent in planting This year till now they have sponsored for around 300 saplings. Every now and then a small batch of 10 dedicated volunteers drop in and plant around 50 saplings…

Alliance University in the same sense motivate their Management and Engineering students and help them inculcate social responsibility by touching them with NGO’s. Thanks to their effort and to continued effort of Ms.Leela Karkaria

Ultra Sighting!

A pair of “Ultra-Marine Fly catcher” were spotted in the Mission campus(Brahmananda Vana) yesterday.
Could not photograph it?? Any observation records till now??? I see in 2004 it was photographed in Nandi Hills. They were spotted by Ashwath and Subbu Badal


It is in the “Least Concerned” status as the IUCN says and its amazing to see that it is a very rare migratory bird flying all the way to give a glimpse and vanish, as if they were some bird God!!

Registration for 16-02-14 _ Ecoevent


Dear All

Thank you all for the encouragement and support you all gave for the Eco Walk program for the past one year. These one year long series intends to enhance the awareness of things around and within man.

During the long one year we covered many aspects of environment and ecology which can be seen from the blog. Now with a little modification we will be continuing these Eco Walk Program. We would like to include the following issues for discussion:

1. Conservation and restoration of the environment

Watering Catering

It was an blissful day when the water was lifted from the Mission’s property to the edge of the hill. The slope ran to a kilometre and a pipeline was laid for a kilometre to check the water flow. Unbelievable!! Water was lifted for a KM uphill… spellbound situation….Scores of first thoughts were about greening the area because of water in hand….We could see a green hillock images floating in our thoughts…

Registration for Jan26th 2014 Eco Event Posted on January 9, 2014

Registration for Jan26th 2014 Eco Event

Posted on January 9, 2014

Dear All

Thank you all for the encouragement and support you all gave for the Eco Walk program for the past one year. These one year long series intends to enhance the awareness of things around and within man.

Report on Dec 22 Ecoevent

As usual people started gathering by 9.00. Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy amidst his busy work came and straight away took to talk with white gulganji seeds which he had collected. About 35 participants including students from Balaji College did participate in this event. Yellappa Reddy introduced from his vast experience the plant species and its medicinal uses. After his return by 11.00 students and members took to the task of watering the plants. It was a sweaty tired afternoon by the time all had lunch by 1.30.